Things I Wish You’d Know

Mummy dearest,


I wish you would give more credit to yourself. And at the same time, give credit to me. I wish you would trust your parenting skills. And at the same time, trust me. You do not need to guilt trip me or use reverse psychology on me. I just want you to do one thing for me. And that is to



Believe in me.


Believe that I will still remember your advise no matter how far I am from you. Believe that I know how to judge the right from wrong. Believe that I will not disappoint.

That is all I ask of you. To just, believe. If not in me, then believe in yourself. Believe that you’ve done a good job.

I am not a bad kid. Really. In fact, I’ve grown up to realize and to understand your principles and visions.

Do not be scared to let go. Learn to do so, even of its just a little. Trust that I will not get drunk from freedom. I might be wild at times, but I promise you this. I promise that I will not

get a dragon tattoo on my back, smoke, do drugs, sleep around, get involved in burglary, dye my hair green (although I've wished to do so but that is history),get drunk and wasted, get a small tattoo in hidden places like on the butt or armpits (I used to want this but it's history too) shave my head bald, join a riot...

and other imaginable things that would freak you out.

See? I could’ve done all those. I have the chances to do it all. But I haven’t.

So maybe, it’s time you let me make important decisions about my life?  Something like…








Deciding my hairstyles?



Thanks in advance,
Dearest daughter


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