We’re Hiring!


We, at Stella Inc., are searching for the right candidate! Are you the one we’re looking for? Do you have what it takes? Are you willing to take up the challenge?

If your answer is yes and yes and OH HELL YEAH!, then you might just be one of the lucky ones.

Because at Stella Inc., we are noted for our undying gratitude towards our employers. We are a team of hardworking, responsible, reliable and result oriented players. We are punctual, eager to learn and honest, which may come off as naive but nothing beats honesty. We are ambitious and have a strong team with a vision to succeed. That, is out promise.

Come join Stella Inc. if you provide:

  • meal and petrol allowances
  • car park space (with shade)
  • 2.5hrs lunch break
  • 4 days work per week
  • health insurance
  • unquestioned overtime claim

    We are looking forward to working with you. If your company has what it takes to join our dynamic team, please deposit your company’s portfolio and we will get in touch with you.

    We regret that only short listed companies will be notified for an interview session.

    If only this was reality, I can so get used to this. Ok, I can stop day dreaming.

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