Merry Christmas

I wonder where you are tonight. And how you’re doing. Hope you’re doing well and that you are happy, content and at peace with yourself.

I wonder if you’re thinking of me or if I ever cross your mind. No matter what, you’ve been on my mind since our last encounter.

Merry Christmas, from a stranger to another.


I Can’t Lie

I can’t lie.

You’re on my mind, stuck inside my head. I wanna feel your heart beat for me instead.

I just die so much inside, now that you’re not there. I wanna feel your heart beat like yesterday.

My world just feels so cold and I find myself thinking about the things I could have done.

I can’t lie.

You’re on my mind. Story inside my head. I wanna feel your heart beat for me instead.

Direction Blind

For the past two days, I attended this mandatory training at work which I welcome with open arm and happy heart because this means… Yeay, I don’t need to work for two days! Ok, getting sidetracked. The first thing we were asked to do (after the inevitable ice breaking session which always, always turns to be a failure every time) by the facilitator was to make a list on a piece of paper our career goals and personal goals. A minimum of three each. We were given 5 minutes. That, was a really long 5 minutes. It was grueling. While everyone was writing away, I was struggling with my list. It was hard to pen down even one goal. I looked up, facilitator is going around the room and I felt ashamed of my empty list and I started scribbling just about anything that pops into my mind.

Then it dawned onto me. It is such a shame that I still did not know where I am head at this point in life. How did I arrive in such a pitiful state?

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