Two Extremes

This is an excerpt of the conversation I had with myself just a while ago.

Me1: Aaaah.. Finally some release after a few days of constipation.
Me2: Constipation sucks.
Me1: Yeah, so does diarrhea!
Me2: Yeah totally!

A moment of silence

Me2: So ok… If you had to choose between a week of diarrhea and a week of constipation, which will you pick?
Me1: Easy! Diarrhea. Can lose weight.
Me2: True, true.
Me1: But then, remember the last time you had diarrhea, it was so suffering.
Me2: Especially when you need toilet every few seconds. Well, constipation then.
Me1: Yup, we should go for constipation.

A moment of silence

Me1: But remember back then, there’s this new about this person who died coz he didn’t poop after 3 days.
Me2: Omg! Yes! Poor guy died from constipation. Intoxicated himself to death. Funny!
Me1: Oh man.. What a tough decision
Me3: Shut up… I sense another wave of poop coming. Lets make this a good and long one.
Me1 and Me2: *in unison* Yes let’s do this!!!

Note: A moment of silence should be accompanied by silence and (after 3 seconds) poop-crashing-into-water sound. Imagination required.


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