That feeling

… of finally getting what you wished for for a long long looooong time. Happy birthday, you lucky girl 😉



The way thing is

It must be my problem. It must be. It is the most reasonable explanation to how thing revolves around me. Like how every person that becomes close to me, every person that I start to depend on, every person I care about, every person that I slowly open my heart to, never seem to fail to disappoint me in one way or another.

Tell me why, why do you treat me so differently than all your other friends? Why are you treating me so badly?

Simply because they are just friends, normal friends. I treat people I care about differently.

So then, it must be my problem. My problem since I am able to find fault in all of you whom I used to hold dear to my heart.

Term is used to, simply because I don’t allow myself to go through the disappointment for the second time.

Term is used to, simply because I will not need people to be close to me anymore.

No more disappointment.

Tonight as I sit here and reminisce about all of you whom I cared for, this I vow.