Financial turmoil

Recently Since I started earning my own money, I find it more and more difficult to control my spending. This never seem to be an issue when I was in school,
I saved every penny and dime and didn’t spend unless really necessary. All of this chance when lump sum of money appears magically in the bank account every month, what used to be unaffordable are all now within my grasps and that feeling, the instant satisfaction you feels when you make a purchase. I guess for a while now, I’ve been enjoying that instant gratification and have been chasing for refill of it with more purchases.

But this joy was never long lasting. At the end, there is always this sense ofregret, no, sense of remorse, of disappointment when I let me get ahead of myself. And so one day, I decided I am not going to continue like this. The first step to recovery is to take control.

    Out of the blue, out comes this conversation I had eons ago with a friend who said that a way to control our spending by monitoring our usage.

    I don’t know how true it is but why not give it a shot eh? So I downloaded this app called, Monny (yeah, what a name!) which apparently has 4 out of 5 stars, to monitor my spendings. I’ve been using this app for a week and two days. Not only do I have to write down my usage and income, there apparently goals to achieve. So far I’ve achieved only one goal, which is making an entry for 7 days. Haha, pathetic I know but it’s an achievement…of some sort.

    In a nut shell, I’ll say this for “monitoring own usage”. It is freaking stress and makes me want to spend more to make myself happier.

    I’ll report again and see how’s my progress later. Urgh.


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