I will forever

… regret not going to Justin Timberlake – Legends of the Summer Concert. A come back after 7 years waiting. I know I will regret it. I was so close to going there.. So close! Yet so far.



Once upon a time, I could work 12 hours everyday without feeling tired.

Nowadays, I work 9 hours and 5 minutes everyday and feel dead tired.

How times have changed.

Kids Pt. 25

Cue Chris Brown’s Fine China

Me: … just like fineeee China

Kid: What’s fine China?

Me: It’s something that breaks easily. You know those teacups people use for tea?

Kid: Oh teacup la?

Me: Yeah that’s an example. Basically something that’s fragile. Breaks easily.

Kid: Oh… Just like our heart.

Me: -dumbfounded-