This year has been awesome and memorable. Certainly one that I will remember for long. Let’s recap the highlights of this year.

I have always been an avid ios fan. But decided to switch over to Android after seeing the HTC M8. Never looked back ever since. Still loving my M8, as much and maybe for than the first day I had it.

Trip to Kota Kinabalu with a bunch of best friends, which is also our first ever trip together. And on top of that, did my first hike, up to Mount Kinabalu – highest mountain in South East Asia. With no preparation whatsoever before challenging the mountain, it was a bitter sweet experience. There were many instances that I had wanted to quit, luckily I had adamant friends who pushed and motivated me along the way.

First ever concert overseas! 2ne1′ All or Nothing World Tour 2014 in Singapore. 2ne1 withdrawal syndrome for few months since then.

Went to Universal Studio.

Checked into a super cool backpacker’s hotel, The Pod and had a good chat with fellow backpackers. Loved the idea of backpacking a lot from this.

Entered a singing competition for the first time. Forced my lil sis to think of a mash up and duet with me, we practiced the whole day and got the recording done at 2am. This is all done in a matter of 1 day. But still it was a lot of hard work.

Won the competition and got the grand prize as well: all expenses paid trip for 2 view. 4 day’s and 3 nights to Korea to watch YG family 2014 concert and Lady Gaga World Tour. 2 concerts, 2 nights,  back to back. VIP excess! Sweeeeeet!

Anyeonghaseyo Korea! Best birthday ever! With best friend! Nuff said 😉

Saw 2ne1, CL, Big Bang, GD, Taeyang, Epik High, Winner,  Akdong Musician, PSY, Lee Hi and Lady Gaga.

Got totally wasted partying VIP style and shopped till we dropped. Literally.

Enrolled into Bootcamp. Wisest money spent on.

Went to Justin Timberlake concert in Adelaide, The 20/20 Experience World Tour 2014. Childhood and adulthood dreams full filled.

Justin and I exchanged eye contact for  total of 3 times. Serious. No joke. But nobody believes me and thinks I’m nuts. It’s alright, we had our moments even if it was a few seconds. It was ours forever.

Adelaide trip is the most relaxing trip thus far, enjoyed it so much more than I expected.

Visited Vinie while I’m there and had bbq at her place. AWESOME FOOD AND HOSPITALITY! She rocks 🙂

Went to Hong Kong and Disneyland.

Saw a bunch of freaking real zombies at the MTR station. Super cool, blown away.

Went to Port Dickson for a company related event, but basically it’s just chilling and playing for 2 whole days. Was a good getaway for a weekend.

2014 has been a year filled with trips, impomptu and planned trips. And a lot of concerts and good food.

Certainly one to remember for a long time 🙂


To err is human

I can totally understand the need to double park. The lack of car park space is nothing but old news.

I can totally understand that you’ve forgotten to leave your number behind so I can call you in case whatever national matter you needed to deal with took more than the 1 minute you estimated. Maybe you just needed to grab some stuff from the store. Maybe you just wanted to drop some stuff to a friend.

I can totally understand that you may not be able to hear the sound of me honking for 5 whole minutes. I even apologize that my honk isn’t loud enough to reach wherever you are.

What I can’t stand however, is the fact that you can still stroll to your car, go one round around your car, inspecting it like a busybody onlooker, watch me continue to honk a few more times… then decide to take out the car key and slowly get into the car and drive away.

Bravo, bravo, bravo.

I will forever

… regret not going to Justin Timberlake – Legends of the Summer Concert. A come back after 7 years waiting. I know I will regret it. I was so close to going there.. So close! Yet so far.