Ipoh Mali

18th-19th September 2010, Ipoh with a buddy. Cave trekking was exhilarating! Too bad I didn’t have a waterproof camera. Hurt both my knees, hands and bumped my head way too many times. Got wet and dirty, which was way AWESOME!

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The night that was

Yesterday night was a memorable one. First time in years to still be in KL on the eve of a major public holiday and not in Raub, helping mum and dad at the shop instead. It does feel good and weird at the same time.

Nearly had an accident while on the way home after fetching Becca. My eyes were teary all of a sudden and I can’t seem to open them up. It felt like someone rubbed my eyes with onions. Has anyone experienced this before? This isn’t the first time it happened to me. Was is because I was too tired or is there something wrong with my eyes? And so, I drove with my eyes half closed. The car going left and right, at a point nearly crashed the divider. Luckily there weren’t many cars on the road and I managed to stop by the roadside. Scared Becca half-dead, which is quite fun!

Back at home, she saw a cockroach. A big one too! All she did was, stand on the chair and screamed. Had fun screaming, jumping and laughing while smacking the cockroach. Stomach cramp!

Holiday spells disaster. It has been a hell of a week! I never thought that a 2 day holiday would increase the workload by that much. Working at double my normal speed, triples the mistakes I did. Got scolded by just about everybody.

Shitty. Yup, that just about sums up the whole week.