Drunk Hamster Silly Stunts

WARNING! Let it finish load before watching. Please and thank you.

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This gets me laughing everytime. I actually spent 5-10 minutes standing outside of the shop watching this little fella.

Nearly bought him on impulse!


Kids Pt. 13

While drinking orange juice…

Esther said, “Ka cheh, got one day I came home after school very headache. After bath also still pain. Then I sleep. Then mum come back. After dinner also very pain”.

I said, “Why pain? Didn’t wear spectacle is it?”

Esther replied, “No, you listen first. *insert big-satisfied-amazed grin* But after that, mum made orange juice. After I drink it, no more headache!!!”.

😉  Kids…


I hate my computer. Hate hate hate hate hate hate it! It is suuuuuper slow. Just now, I opened 3 word document and 1 pdf file. Alternating between the four windows take forever. Sometimes it wouldn’t even respond. I couldn’t stand it and straight away switched on my friend’s laptop and talk bad about mine 😛

Been using that laptop for 3 years, a rough guess. It has always been this slow, no matter how may times I delete my files, delete the songs and pictures and defragment the system. I still remember the first time I used it. I was at home, dad brought it home and we turned it on. Oh ya, I didn’t even have a say on which computer I want. I just say, “Dy, I want a laptop to do college work. I’ll be using mostly Microsoft Word and surf the net”. Then, one day he brought back a Toshiba brochure and told me to see the one he wants to buy. I’m still a little bit hurt that I didn’t get to choose my laptop. My sis got a Macbook for crying out loud!

So, the first thing dad asked me after switching the computer on is. “Wah, it’s really fast is it?” It was slow, but I didn’t want to upset him and said, “It’s not bad.. Ok la”.

Since day 1, the computer is slow. The RAM is not even 1 GB. Pathetic, I know.

This week, I will and must ask dad to upgrade the RAM. It seems that recently everyone is buying new laptop, information thanks to Facebook status. I am so jealous! I hope mine will break down soon. No, soon is not fast enough. I hope mine will crash tonight. Then I can have a new laptop.

And this time,



I want to choose my own laptop


I am so frustrated. When I ask for upgrade, dad’ll tell me to delete my song and don’t install software and application. I know that is what he’ll say. I know! Then when I say that my computer has no software apart from Microsoft Office, he will say,

Be more patient la…. No need to be so fast.



Char dou!!


PS, I really don’t have anything except Microsoft Office in my computer. I swear! Now, don’t even have 1 song and picture. Still slow.


PPS, I am so frustrated. Beyond words.

Update 1: Shutting down the computer takes approximately 10 years 😛

Update 2: No, my computer didn’t crash. My hope on the other hand did.

Hazy Days

The picture was taken at around 2.30 pm. Was trying to get a picture of the Petronas Twin Towers but the haze is so terrible. Everytime I walk out, I feel like there is a lot of eye-shit mucus on eyes covering my sight.


When I first came to KL to study, I was absolutely freaking mad about going to pasar malam. Especially the Taman Connaught pasar malam. It was an outer-space experience.

Stupid/lame/bodoh as it may seem, I’ve never been to pasar malam my life before that. SERIOUS.

Even stupider/lamer/bodoh-er than that is that, I didn’t know that Raub has pasar malam! I only know about it after excitedly telling my friends about my first pasar malam experience. Geez, I suck!

I’d used to visit the pasar malam every week on Wednesday. The crowd, the food, the things and everything is so happening. It’s a shopping complex, only difference is that I can afford everything in this complex. Bahahaha!

Last month during Father’s day, we went back to Bentong to celebrate with grandpa. Every one was chit chatting about something something. And suddenly, uncle asks dad “Hey Jin, do you eat the fried chicken they sell at pasar malam?” And he continues to say, “Do you know that they put a whole packet of straw into the oil?” He said that he saw them putting straws inside so that, the fried chicken will be crispier, even after being left overnight.

I was shocked beyond words.

While Dad answered no with ease, I was stunned. Slowly, I turned to Bec beside me and with a horrified look said, “Bee, I go to pasar malam every week and never fail to eat the fried chicken. How now?” The only response I get from her is an evil smile. *Why do I have sister like this?*

I’ve never been to pasar malam since June.





I miss Uncle Bob boneless breast fried chicken

Yesterday Once More

The project presentation was okay, I guess. I started off with a bang. After introducing myself, project title and a little history, I suddenly realise that my heart was going to pop out and that my legs were literally shaking. After suddenly realising that I was shaking, everything went down the drain. I was quite upset that my supervisor was late, although it wasn’t her fault because I was ahead of schedule.

Anyhow, thing went bad during question and answer session. I was so scared that my mind went blank. Totally blank, blank to the point that I couldn’t think.

Let bygones be bygone


On a different note,


I’m in love with The Carpenters


Every sha-la-la-la,
Every wo-o-wo-oh,
Still shines,
Every shing-a-ling-a-ling,
That they’re starting to sing,
So fine.



With a new hairdo, some dance moves and bling blings, they can rock the world. I wonder how Karen would look like with the Rihanna’s haircut? Richard would look good with the Zac Effron hairstyle. Bahahaha!