House hunting and some irrelevant stuff

Going house hunting again tomorrow in  few hours. This time, we’ll be looking at a particular house in Bandar Kinrara.

Kinrara is a ‘dead’ place. Makan place also don’t have. The only thing they have there is this big supermarket called Giant.  I don’t go there. Simply because I don’t like cooking cleaning up after cooking, so I don’t grocery shop. Unless for emergencies. Like whendot whendot ermdotAlah, I just don’t grocery shop la.


I am still stuck with the Enzyme Tech lab report number 3. Been doing it for a whole week, and still haven’t finish. Ish, so sick of reports.


Listening to S.H.E. I haven’t listen to them for a long time now, and I kindof miss them. Didn’t know that. They have really upbeat and catchy songs. It’s nice sometimes, to switch to Chinese songs, listening to something different.

Music is amazing, in the sense that you don’t have to know or understand what the song is about and still fall in love with it.


Drinking Milo in the middle of the night is heavenly. Total opposite of Nescafe. I don’t tolerate caffeine well.


Dad imposed a “No internet after 1 am” rule today. Yesterday, he caught us still up at 3 am. He went downstairs, switched off the wireless thingamajigy and went back to sleep. I have controlling parents. Period.


Back to work 😥



dot does not help at all. At first I thought that drinking Nescafe can help me stay awake longer.

The plan failed. I keep going to the toilet every 15 minutes. In the end, trip to toilet is more than the amount of work done.

I’m getting tired already. Of going to toilet. I’m gonna “tahan” til my pundi pecah.



I want a Domo-kun! A freaking Domo-kun.

Where do you get one in Malaysia? It is sooo hard to find that sharp-teethed-angry-brown-chubby-Domokun here.


I’ve never seen a real Domo-kun. So pitiful. Oh wait a sec. Got! I saw it once before.

In Celeste’s car! I’m the one who helped her to hang it on her rearview mirrow.

Oh, I’m so regretting it now. I should’ve just steal take it when she’s not paying attention.

Argh, I want a domo-kun! One with chain so that I can use it as my car key chain. Taking it everywhere I go, travelling with Domo-kun. Oh so fun!

Domo-kun so cute! See? I want…

Pot Calling The Kettle Black

It annoys the hell out of me when it happens.

Got a text yesterday from M. M was complaining to me about and H’s work. It is so ironic. M have no idea that he does the exact same thing. To top that, he always make fun of H and jokes about H. And, he repeats the same joke over and over and over again.

M will never know that he is H, nobody bothers to tell him. Oh waitdot he’s too thick-headed to realise it, even when you say it straight to his face. I know, because I’ve tried 😕





Guys are dumber than girls. Check!

Sunway Lagoon


Skipping into Sunway Lagoon with a happy heart. Furiously applying sunblock and smiling from ear to ear. Bought tickets for three parks; Extreme park, Water park and Amusement park.
We screamed, laughed and took pictures whenever possible. We walk and walk and walk and walk. The place is so darn big, we got lost at first!

The roller coaster ride was fantabulous and was on it twice. I was seriously scared and screamed like mad. Ahaha! I love all the rides there. All but one. The Tomahawk, it spins 360 degrees. Both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Stayed upside down in the air for a v-e-r-y loooooooooong 3 seconds. Got very sick after that. I wanted to vomit, everything is spinning and I felt so dizzy. Phew!

G Force X

G Force X

Aftermath; suppressing the vomit

Aftermath; suppressing the vomit

The weather was fine when we first arrived. I was glad and I thought the forecast was a phoney. But come evening, it did rained. With thunders too. We refused to go home although many started packing and went back. We just couldn’t go home! We just only changed to our swimsuits and spend not even 10 minutes in the water.

After a whole day in Sunway Lagoon, we went back

dead tired, with muscle aches, sore throat, sprained leg, sore butt, tanned and HUNGRY!

Had dinner in Shogun. Crabs, sushi, teppanyaki beef, lamb chop, tom yam kung, prawns, squids, clams, lalas, cod fish, duck and much much more. 

Went home, and sleep the whole night long.

Here I Come

Off to Sunway Lagoon tomorrow! Straight away after the morning class. Weather forecast for tomorrow

Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 89F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.

Ah, I am just oh-SO lucky.

Nothing is going to dampen my spirit! I’m super excited. I’ve been meaning to go there for a long time. The first and last time I went there was with the whole Sia family, when relatives from America came back. That wasdot 9 years ago.

Tomorrow, I’m going to

Scream like chicken kena slaughtered
Run like kena kejar anjing
Play like a three year old
Jump like a chimpazee




Get sunburned.

Mum’s not gonna like it. 🙄

The splashing of water, G force X, flying fox, roller coaster, Africa themed waterpark, Buffalo Bill Coaster, kayak, water slides.

Oh, I am so excited!!!

Nike Free

I am soooooooooooooooooooo stoopid.

Was window shopping around Sunway Pyramid today and I saw this really really gorgeous pair of Nike shoes. From afar, the sole looks like teeth, nicely and evenly space. White nice set of teeth. Taking a closer look, touching its body, feelings its skin… Ah, it was love at first sight.

Then came the storekeeper, telling me this is their latest model and bending the shoe like its made out of nothing. Straight away I know that it is Nike Free. No other shoe is as comfortable as a Nike Free. I know because I owned one. Notice the past tense here. Owned one. Years ago.

It was years ago since my last pair of Nike Free. The comfort, the joy, the pride of wearing one…

My world came crashing down when I asked for the price. Well, mum asked. I would, will never ask for the price. The most I’d do is steal a glance at the price tag when I’m certain nobody is watching. A whooping RM300+

Shiat. Shiatshiatshiat.

I said ‘Thank you’, gave a polite smile and put down the shoe. Reluctantly.

I came home and went online to check out the shoe again, just to find that I’ve forgotten the name of the shoe. I can’t find the shoe! I can’t find it. So much for a second glance. Should’ve paid more attention when the lady was telling the name of the shoe. Now I can’t find it.

I am soooooooooooooooooooo stoopid.

And now I am sitting here, blogging about how stoopid I am.

Argh!!! I wanna punch somebody